USS John A Bole (DD-755) - Vietnam Service Medal

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Vietnam Service Medal and Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
Award Dates for Presence in Vietnam Theater of Combat (from Dept. of Veterans Affairs)

8-Feb-65 to 26-Feb-65 AE

20-Apr-65 to 28-Apr-65 AE 

18-Apr-66 to 9-May-66 VSM

30-May-66 to 3-Jun-66 VSM

9-Jun-66 to 13-Jul-66 VSM

19-Jul-66 to 28-Jul-66 VSM

8-Aug-66 to 19-Aug-66 VSM

13-Mar-68 to 31-Mar-68 VSM

14-Apr-68 to 1-May-68 VSM

5-May-68 to 27-May-68 VSM

4-Jun-68 to 16-Jun-68 VSM

3-Feb-70 to 20-Mar-70 VSM

16-Apr-70 to 5-May-70 VSM

13-May-70 to 28-May-70 VSM

The Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (AE) was awarded when a ship was in the Vietnam combat zone prior to the creation of the Vietnam Service Medal. AE Medal for Vietnam Service can be updated to VSM,

Service Stars Awarded to Vietnam Service Medal
Service star (campaign star): Ribbon device awarded for participation in or support of operations in designated campaigns of the Vietnam Conflict.

Vietnam Advisory Campaign - 15 March 1962 to 7 March 1965

Vietnam Defense Campaign - 8 March 1965 to 24 December 1965

Vietnam Counteroffensive - 25 December 1965 to 30 June 1966

Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase II - 1 July 1966 to 31 May 1967

Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase IV - 2 April 1968 to 30 June 1968

Vietnam Winter-Spring 1970 — 1 November 1969 to 30 April 1970

Sanctuary Counteroffensive — 1 May 1970 to 30 June 1970

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