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2018 Bole Reunion in Las Vegas NV
We had a great Bole Reunion in Las Vegas Nevada. The reunion dates were April 8-11 2018. The reunion was held at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino. To see a reunion photo, go to our Ships Reunions page.

Annual and Lifetime Membership Dues
Your Bole Membership dues are due. Please send your dues of $10 (or $15 if including spouse). As a Bole shipmate you now have the opportunity to request lifetime membership dues. Lifetime dues are $125.00 and $150.00 if including your spouse. Participating in our lifetime membership program will save on postage costs, time, avoid missed dues payments, and will help reduce our internal record keeping. When making your dues payment, we encourage you to participate as a lifetime member. Please send your annual or lifetime dues payments to Steve Ramirez at: 6837 S. 58th Ave, Laveen AZ 85339-2264

Address Changes, Please Let Us Know!
Have you been receiving our Bole reunion mailings? If not, we likely don't have your current address. Please let us know if: If you have a new address, new email address, or new telephone number. Please email us using the
Contact Us link on this website. Or drop a note to Steve Ramirez at: 6837 S. 58th Ave, Laveen AZ 85339-2264

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